Curious | Attributes Of Growing Leaders

There is no silver bullet, but there are key components or ingredients to building great enterprises. Another key important to great enterprises is great leadership. Great, relevant, innovative and effective leadership can only be by virtue of growing leaders. Humility is one of the key ingredients. I wrote about it in this post. Another attribute […]

Humility | Attributes Of Growing Leaders

Trust me, you don’t want to be that leader. The stagnant, self-sabotaging and ineffective leader. You know the leader who doesn’t lead well, because he or she doesn’t lead himself or herself well? You don’t want to be that leader that’s not growing… Great leadership always starts with self-leadership [Click to Tweet] In leading yourself, as […]

Contradicting Excuses [#DP365]

Saw this at a blood donation stall at the mall. The irony! Got me thinking about how we sometimes contradict ourselves in our excuses. In fact, those contradicting excuses are about convenience. They’re more about given in to resistance; not wanting to do what it takes to get what we say we want to get. […]

How To Ask Great Questions for Great Learning (Part 2)

In part one of How To Ask Great Questions for Great Learning and Great Leadership, we explored two things to that help in asking questions. Read the post here. Great questions are the basis for great learning. Consider them as tools. Tools are only as effective as how well they are maintained and used. The more […]