Books And Words: How Dad Tricked Me And Lessons For All Of Us

Dad tricked my siblings and I when it comes to reading as a habit. This is why I read. A lot. From blog posts to books. Being a little more grown up, I appreciate it. He took us to the bookstores, and besides our textbooks, bought extra reading material for us. He made us value […]

The Romance In Doing Things That Matter

The only thing romantic about doing things that matter, about changing the world, is the idea of romance. The thought of doing anything of significance can excite many, if pitched right. With this I would include the skew perception of passion. The actual work is not romantic at all. It is the “product” or outcome […]

Passion Indicators

Reading Rachel Foong‘s post, “Can You Live A Dispassionate Life“ got me thinking about what people tend to look for when they’re looking for what they’re either passionate about or what other people are passionate about. While it is true that there are “passion indicators”, you signs that help us identify what people are passionate about, […]

Leaders and Blue-sky Days

There is no leadership without vision. Vision is what gives purpose to all effort and activities. A leader without vision is a captain who takes people on a road trip without a destination and map to it. Clear vision inspires action. Not keeping vision in clear sight creates a toxic team and organizational environment. Keeping […]

Learning From Bono | Changing The World

I wish I was at TED 2013. I followed Bono’s talk on Twitter and the TED blog. Wow Bono, the U2 front man, is passionate about music and world change. He is also co-founder of the ONE campaign, a movement fighting the injustice of extreme poverty. I’m sure when U2 started Bono never dreamed that his […]