The Power Of Clear Sight

People are moved by what they see. We live in the most visual time humanity has ever known. Technology is focused on creating vivid pictures using high-definition lens and screens. We have binoculars so we can bring distant things closer and see them with a clarity distance robs from our unaided eyes. We do not… Continue reading The Power Of Clear Sight

Giving Up

I have been a little pensive, dreaming about the future while evaluating the near past. It is bitter-sweet. The thought of possibilities evoke passion and excitement. Past failures, on the other hand, remind me of what can go wrong. Past and anticipated failure is why we sometimes do not attempt anything. Past failures are often… Continue reading Giving Up

How To Protect Yourself From Sharing Ideas Prematurely

not sharing ideas prematurely is one way of protecting them so they live to full term || image by CraigMoulding | cc

Since I wrote How To Protect Your Ideas From Yourself, I’ve received a lot of requests asking for a follow-up. Specifically, How to stop yourselves from sharing ideas prematurely or with the wrong people. In his book Business Stripped Bare – Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur, Richard Branson┬ámade a joke about inventing a device that… Continue reading How To Protect Yourself From Sharing Ideas Prematurely

How Different; Really?

There is an inherent desire in us to be distinct, to stand out. There’s something ‘uncool’ about being a copy of another. Something interesting, though, is that we sometimes feel we’re different from our competition or those around us because we are doing something new and unique that someone else or another enterprise is already… Continue reading How Different; Really?

How You’re Sabotaging Your Vision

while leaders can enable vision, they must be careful they're not the ones sabotaging it || image by uggboy | cc

Leaders are guardians of vision. Leadership’s responsibility is ensuring that vision is realized. Vision is the why; the why organizations exist. The why is the reason organizations gather resources and arrange them. While leaders are responsible for vision, they can sabotage their vision. Leaders often work hard to guard vision by sabotaged by external forces… Continue reading How You’re Sabotaging Your Vision