Leading Your Tribe And Product Development Like ‘A Boss’!

I wanted to have this post’s title as “Leading Your Tribe And Product Development Like A Boss – Learning From John Saddington“. The only challenge is that my very SEO savvy 8bit developed Standard Theme told me it would be too long and unfriendly. There’s enough talk about the death of SEO, but that’s for another post… Anyways, also, […]

Reflections On My Blogging In 2013

When it comes to blogging, 2013 has been my most productive year. I’ve blogged more than I ever have. I think I not only created more content but better quality content. I focused on shipping, that is, getting posts out. I tried to refine thoughts I had within shorter spaces of time. While it may […]

Protecting Brands, Works and Reputation: (A Case Study?)

I think this makes for a great case study about how artists manage their work as well as how brands protect their reputation. Euodia Roets of Touchee Feele says she was in discussions with Woolworths South Africa about some design work. You can check out Euodia’s allegations here Woolworths, eventually didn’t take her designs, but […]

Relevance Determinants

Technology Technological advancements are important but not the only determinants of relevance. Technology sometimes will dictate what devices, apps etc. will work with what. Organisations that aren’t adept to change and learning at the pace of technology are not likely survive, let alone thrive [Click to Tweet] Leaders Leaders are the other determinant of relevance. […]

And, They Gather

Clouds. I like them. I like them more when they are more than ornaments of the big blue. I really like them when they bring rain and relief from the summer heat. There are things that are OK as ornaments but even better when they’re functional ornaments. I love things that add value by function […]