Learning Effective Communication From Jesus

When I think of some of the greatest communicators, I’d never leave out Jesus. He was so captivating he could get crowds of 5,000 plus (no social media!). I guess the miracles also helped but that wasn’t the sum of why people desired to be in His audience. It’s every communicator’s dream to have a […]

5 Reasons You Get Overwhelmed

We’ve all been there. Some of us are there. And, at some point we’re all going to get there again. I mean that place of being overwhelmed. Bill Hybels in his talk at the 2011 global leadership summit, highlighted three levels of challenge. Namely, under-challenged, appropriately challenged and dangerously over challenged. It is at the place […]

My Conference Attendance Manifesto

I’ve attended so many conferences I’ve lost count. So much that I’ve now come up with my conference attendance manifesto. I’ve accumulated enough notebooks for a library of tomes of my own. I admit with every conference I attend, there’s a subconscious me that thinks through the theme and actual content delivered. I contemplate the relevance of the conference […]