Navigating The Problems Maze

Problems are one of those things you are never going to completely avoid. They vary. Some are worthy of your attention, some are not. To manage your time and other resources well, you must decide which problems are worth your attention. Decide before they arise. Take a problem inventory; in retrospect, what have you experienced […]

Inviting Trouble – #2 Lesson From Defunct Blog

Life is not static. There are things within and beyond our control. It can be in our personal lives, team or organizations. Something will go wrong at some point. I’ve started sharing some of the lessons I learned or was reminded when my blog crashed not too long ago. In another post I share about […]

When Sharing Dreams Or Goals

It matters who you share your dreams, goals or aspirations with. This means you must be well prepared for truth or perspectives that will not necessarily match yours. As difficult as it may be, it also means you need to be an objective listener and not listening only for what you want to hear but what you need to […]

In This Strength That Is Yours

A great difference between seeing a vision or idea realized is often action. You can spend a long drafting plans and perfecting them and never realize your goals. Perfect plans are not a guarantee for success. Nothing will bring you closer to your goals that a plan and action to back them up. Plans and inaction = […]

A Catalyst For Learning & Equipping To Remember

Something common to most successful people I’ve encountered is that they are willing to share their success. In fact, some successful people actually look for people to coach. And, some with the desire to succeed seek out the successful to learn from them. Having mentors could save you a lot of trouble and give you […]