Language | The Currency Of Leadership

At the disposal of every leader are things he trades for the function and or purpose of leadership. It is how a leader wields these tools or means that determines his success and the success of his organisation. Language is one those things: a currency of leadership. It is in what a leader says that […]

The Fine Line Between Cautious And Cowardly

Let’s face it, you have and know another dozen people who’ve played the “cautious card” when they were actually just being downright cowardly. This has to do with taking action in the face of either a possibility or well-nurtured fears.

The Challenge Of Now

Leaders, well, everyone for that matter, must avoid moving forward to the past. This is when leaders (and organisations they serve) are in motion but with focus and attention on the past. This can be partly due to leaders not reflecting, as way of avoiding past failures, as well as seeing what can be garnered […]

Unlocking The Genius You

Einstein was definitely onto something… It is often what we think of ourselves that defines our approach to many things. And, most of what we think about ourselves starts with how we measure ourselves. Comparison is not a great way to make peace with who / what you are or not. Because you’re not like […]

Fear Of Missing Out (aka F.O.M.O) And Transition

Transitions, whether caused or imposed, can have a certain, “Fear Of Missing Out” aka “F.O.M.O.” to them. One of the reasons people fear committing to new ventures is fear of missing out on something else. As life and reality would have it, one can only be fully present in a few endeavours or contexts at […]