3 Reasons You Must Acknowledge Your Shortcomings

Everyone has shortcomings. Leaders aren’t excused. Being in a leadership role magnifies both your strengths and shortcomings. Leader, the platform of leadership magnifies who you are. Not all leaders know how to acknowledge their shortcomings. Some leaders do not acknowledge their shortcomings, as they want to be seen as perfect. Wanting others to see us […]

Slowing Down and Appreciating The Spectacular

I saw this video from Dumt & Farligt, a Dansih TV show, where the footage was slowed down to 2,500 frames per second. Some of the subjects they chose were a little random but interesting to see at that speed. Check out the video and catch my thoughts after and please do share some of […]

What Having Different Perspectives In A Team Means

Having different perspectives in a team means a lot of things. People will never always see the same. Resolution on a particular matter is not the same as having the same perspectives. You can reach consensus by working through differing perspectives. With different perspectives being inevitable, it is worth exploring what having different perspectives in […]

What To Do When Those You Look Up To Let You Down

Sometimes we epitomise our dreams in people. We set them as our benchmarks. Though we know that everyone has flaws or shortcomings, we somehow overlook that when we look at those we highly esteem. However, when they falter or act in a way below our expectations and standards they normally have we are shocked and […]

372 Days In Marriage – The Chores… Eish! – Part 3

(This is post is part of a series. I share our experiences from my perspective from just over a year of being married. I am no expert and only share some experiences and thoughts that can help start enriching conversations, at least) Chores are not fun but must be done! Before Ingrid and I got […]