Diversity Celebrated | Interview With Craig Makhosi (Part 1)

I was privileged to interview Craig Charnock (aka Quite a White Ou). He’s a great guy with a great story. (Unfortunately I will not be able to share everything about Craigie but have drawn portions of our conversations into small bites to challenge us and hopefully cause us to reach across the things that separate […]

Useless Critique

For anything to become greater, you have to not only identify its limitations. Whether it’s a team, a system or a product, it will never be any greater without it being critically looked at. ‘Critical’ has become a synonym, for mean or nasty.

3 Reasons You Must Acknowledge Your Shortcomings

Everyone has shortcomings. Leaders aren’t excused. Being in a leadership role magnifies both your strengths and shortcomings. Leader, the platform of leadership magnifies who you are. Not all leaders know how to acknowledge their shortcomings. Some leaders do not acknowledge their shortcomings, as they want to be seen as perfect. Wanting others to see us […]

The Best Ways To Acknowledge Your Shortcomings

We may say we’re not but act like we are. Perfect, that is. The truth still stands; no one is perfect. Everyone generally accepts this for everybody else except when they feel violated by others. Worse, still, when it is a leader that has failed. Whether you’re a leader in particular context or a part […]

Reflections From We Run Jozi – Others (Part Two)

This post is a part of a series of my reflections from Nike’s We Run Jozi 10K 2012. Subscribe by email or RSS not to miss upcoming posts in the series. You can also check out the previous posts in the series here.   SANDTON & ALEXANDRA We ran from Sandton and then through Alexandra, […]