One Of The Best Ways To Brand Yourself On The Internet | Part 1

I’ve written about branding a little ;-) As people and organizations, we want to project ourselves in a way that we want to be identified and loved for whatever end we have in mind. I’m not against brand promotion (whatever that is), however, I’m about being truthful in how we project who we are what […]

And, They Gather

Clouds. I like them. I like them more when they are more than ornaments of the big blue. I really like them when they bring rain and relief from the summer heat. There are things that are OK as ornaments but even better when they’re functional ornaments. I love things that add value by function […]

Why People Buy And Buy In Or Not

  I like motherland coffee because they make grey coffee and they have practices I love and matter to me. Their “one up” against their competition is not only a great product and service but that they enable others while they’re at it. They only sell Fair Trade African coffee. People will always buy in […]

The Start Matters

“It’s not how you start but how you finish that matters” has been embraced by many to undermine the importance of the start. The start matters. Paying attention to how you start can set you on a trajectory that a careless and half-hearted start won’t. You can get ahead from the start. It doesn’t make […]